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Why People Choose Care Planning Institute

My father has been a client for a couple of years and his care has been excellent from the time that you provided round-the-clock in-home care. The prior agency we used rarely delivered on their promises made. You guys never promise unless you know you can deliver – I love that about you guys and would recommend to anyone.
– Don Walker, MT
It is clear that without CPI, I would be unable to fulfil my duties as conservator and properly care for my father.
You and your staff are knowledgeable, professional and whole cheerful! It is my belief that you provide the best
possible in-home care available.
– Richard Hampton, WY
I talked to a number of other home care providers before choosing CPI and no one else had their knowledge in helping me solve
my problem. This was impressive alone, but what was equally important to me was the tremendous amount of empathy Ashley
showed me and my mother. I would recommend her and CPI to anyone.
– Joan Chung, CA
Care from CPI was provided in two separate counties while she was in the hospital, convalescent home and, last, during
her placement at a residential senior care facility. The assigned Care Managers and direct care providers could not
have been more caring or more diligent in providing the necessary care and loving support that Mom needed. Seeing Mom
being cared for in such a loving manner gave great comfort to her family during that difficult time.
– Rebecca White, AZ
…They have a special way, I guess, of communicating with people who have dementia, and they have that skill, to be able
to help them. So I think that’s probably the biggest thing for me and for our family and for my aunt.
– Leslie Anders, MN
I would recommend CPI to anyone who calls on my experiences with them. These experiences are first class. I have
encountered wonderful people.A lot of ’em have a sense of humor and that’s mighty important. They are all so anxious to
make things run smoothly.
– Gayle Peters, MN
Prior to finding out about CPI, I had spent many frustrating years trying to get back to good health but only getting
further run down …It was good to find out about CPI and to get such a caregiver.  She seems to have the particular
answer and ability necessary for so many of the needs I have here.
– Connie Watford, IA
In our opinion, the two most important qualities for a caregiver are compassion and communication. If we were to grade
Walter on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being outstanding, Walter should receive an 11 for these qualities. And in
addition, he is a great Scrabble player!
– Ron Smart, IL
I am delighted to tell you that my husband’s Caregiver is a real hero. He is so caring and gentle and is making a big
difference in our daily living. He instinctively knows just what to do and takes care of our needs without being told.
Some days are not easy for a patient with Parkinson’s Disease and Dementia, or for Caregiver, but he is always
there with a kind word and calming manner. Yes, he is our hero. I can’t imagine not having him as part of the family.
– Anna Gonzalez, NM
CPI has provided companionship for my brother who suffered a brain injury and has limited abilities. The service
provided by CPI has allowed my brother to enjoy a much improved quality of life. He is able to enjoy trips into the
community that he would otherwise not make. CPI provides a service that truly augments what I am able to provide.
– Andrew Balboa, TX