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Healthcare Providers: We are no longer accepting NEW Aid & Attendance (A&A) Applications. All new applications can go to our new A&A Partner.

Please listen to this 12 minute Video regarding our new partner and the nature of our relationship with them ongoing. NOTE: This will not affect any existing VA clients that you have with us – we will continue to manage their VA Benefits for as long as they need it. These existing client’s won’t even know about the change for new applications – as it doesn’t concern them and we don’t want to cause them any confusion or disruption of their services. Here is the 12 minute video about the new partnership which will help you close more VA clients ongoing:



The Eight Main VA Aid & Attendance Benefit Eligibility Requirements

  1. Must be a Veteran or Surviving Spouse of a Veteran over age 65.
  2. Must need assistance at home and want a caregiver in their home to provide such.
  3. Must have household income (from all sources) less than the following: Couples: $2,400. Single Veteran: $2,050. Surviving Spouse: $1,350. Must not be on Medicaid (or Section 8 Housing) UNLESS their social worker has approved them getting the VA Benefit due to them spending ALL of the benefit on care services. NOTE: Not all Medicaid Social Workers will approve - so you/family need to discuss with the Social Worker before submitting this request and let them know ALL of the benefit funds will be spent on care services.
  4. Must have less than $139,000 in retirement accounts (i.e. 401K, annuities, stocks, bonds and cash in bank).
  5. Surviving Spouse must have been married to the Veteran at the time of the Veteran's death.
  6. Veteran must have served at least 1 day of ACTIVE DUTY (national guard or reserves don’t count) during these times of war: (WW II: Dec 1941 – Dec 1946, Korean War: June 1950 – Jan 1955, Vietnam War: Feb 1961 – Aug 1964 (if served in Vietnam); Sept 1964 – May 1975 (in or outside of Vietnam).
  7. Applicant must NOT be receiving a VA Benefit (or has applied for such) for wounds suffered during their military service.
  8. Applicant must be living in their home/apartment and want to stay there for at least a year. OR, have a discharge date to return home from the healthcare facility they are currently residing in.