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Caregiver Bonus Pay Program

Per the job description on the posted job ad that you applied to online – your pay is made up of a base pay per hour plus a bonus per hour. To this point we have not enforced the bonus pay penalties. That will change starting Jan 16, 2024.

You have been getting paid your base pay plus your $4/hour bonus to this point. Ongoing, you won’t get your bonus $4/hour if you don’t perform as a high performing caregiver.

NOTE: Family caregivers are exempt from this rule as you are reliable family member caregivers and already high performing – so you don’t need to watch this training and will get paid the same as you have to this point.

Please watch this 30 minute video as this will affect your paycheck starting Jan 16, 2024.


IMPORTANT:  Ensure you CLOCK IN at the START of your shift and NOT BEFORE. Also, ensure you CLOCK OUT on time at the end of your shift. We can only bill the client’s payer for the agreed upon hours of each shift. If there is an urgent situation and you have to stay after your shift is over to assist the client – then you need to deduct this extra time from your next shift that SAME WEEK and clock out early. If you don’t have another shift that same week (which ends on Saturday at 11:59 pm) then you need to clock out at the scheduled time and let your client know you are not able to stay late due to hitting the end of your weekly allotted hours and company policy.


  1. Once you complete the inputting of your Daily Tasks – you click on the “Clock Out” button.
  2. You then click on “Next” on the bottom right hand corner of your App until you see the “Confirm” button.
  3. Click on “Confirm” to clock out.
  4. You will know you are clocked out when you see the message “Great Job (name of caregiver) – You helped care for (name of client) for (number of hours)”

If you do not go all the way to the “Confirm” button, the App will NOT clock you out.  You MUST see the “Great Job…” message to know you are clocked out.