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Laguna Beach, CA.

I wanted to thank you again for sending Maria into our home to care for our Dad over the past 9 months. It was truly amazing to see how much he enjoyed her company and assistance in his home each day. Maria really became part of our family and we are so thankful to have found such a good home care agency that provides the level of quality care we experienced. Our fears about leaving Dad alone were put at ease and we were able to enjoy the time we spent with him and know that when we left he was in safe hands. Thanks for all you did to help Dad in his last days and for the funeral flowers - that was very thoughtful of you.

All the best.


Hire A House Hold Employee

Using A Home Care Agency Vs. Hiring a “Direct” Household Personal Attendant.

We realize that your budget may not allow you to hire a home care agency to care for your family’s needs. Therefore, we have designed a program to fit your budget! Our “Direct Hire” program helps families find, screen, pre-qualify, and background check qualified caregiver candidates that can be hired directly by the family as “Household Employees.” Please contact us today to learn more about this program that can help your family avoid the pitfalls of hiring an “Independent Contractor” on your own. Learn more ›

  Home Care Agency Direct Household
Personal Attendant
Caregiver backup for emergencies We are ready and able to fill the need with one phone call. None.
Bonding, liability & workers comp. insurance Our staff are bonded and insured, giving you peace of mind that if the caregiver hurt themselves in your home they would not sue your home owners insurance policy. We will consult you on how to get workers compensation and liability insurance at a total cost of $50 / month.
Quality control & supervision of home care staff
  • All cases are carefully monitored and supervised by our Geriatric Case Managers and our management team.
  • Random visits made regularly.
  • Family members kept informed on a regular basis.
The family monitors the care attendant.
Continuing caregiver training We provide continual mandatory in-service caregiver training. Care attendant is responsible for their own training ongoing.
Payroll, taxes, and IRS We assume responsibility. We will assist you with getting your payroll set up with a reputable company – cost is around $50 / month.
Criminal background and reference checks Our employees are carefully screened at the time of hire with several layers of thorough background checks. Approximately 90% of applicants do not meet our high standards. We perform extensive screening and background checks of each care attendant we could place with you as a direct hire employee.
Flexibility of home care services
  • Your home care service requirements will rarely stay the same.
  • If the skill level or amount of care that you require increases or decreases, we can accommodate your needs.
You choose the care attendant that best matches your needs from our extensive list of qualified individuals.
Experience Our caregivers have been delivering quality home care to satisfied clients for an average of over seven years. You choose the care attendant that best matches your needs from our extensive list of qualified individuals.
General Availability We can provide home care services to you and your family 24 hours/day, 365 days/year. Your caregiver is available on weekends and holidays. One person means limited days and hours. You are responsible for staffing a replacement for sudden sickness, time off, emergencies, and vacations. Employment transitions mean you will need to get another care attendant.

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Jacksonville, Florida

I want to take the opportunity to let you know how grateful we are that we met up with your company. What a treat to work with you guys are! We have really enjoyed getting to know you guys over the past two years and will definitely stop by and say hello when we are back in town again! Thanks for taking such good care of our Mom. You don't know how much weight that took off of our shoulders - to know she was in safe hands when we couldn't be there. Alvira is an amazing person and we feel so lucky to have been able to have her care for Mom for the entire two years! I don't know how you guys do all that you do and keep such a bright attitude - as I know Mom wasn't the easiest of people to be around with her disease and all - but we sure do appreciate everything you did for her and the lengths you went to in order to keep everyone in the loop. We wish you all the best with your company on-going and look forward to seeing you again soon!


Joan & April

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